Upcoming events

PHOTONET workshop 2019

The PHOTONET workshop 2019 will be held on Monday 11th November 2019 in Wuhan, China. This workshop will be the 7th Sino-French Photonics Forum and will be included as a “highlighted activity” in the POEM conference organized by the WNLO the 11-14 November 2019 in Wuhan, China.

Programme of the PHOTONET worchop 2019

Conferences in China around the PHOTONET 2019 workshop

PHOTONET workshop 2020

The PHOTONET workshop 2020 will be held on Thursday 2nd April 2020 in Strasbourg, France. The workshop will be included as a “special event” in the SPIE Photonics Europe being held in Strasbourg France 29 March – 2 April 2020.

Conferences in France around the PHOTONET 2020 workshop