Emerging materials and concepts in photonics

New optical properties can be addressed thanks to the possibilities offered by the structures and materials obtained from nanosciences and nanotechnologies. Sub-wavelength plasmonic antennas allow the strong interaction between the visible light and matter, leading to enhancement of the electromagnetic field and of related physical effects such as non-linear effect and emission rate of molecules. Nanoantennas are also the basic ingredients of metamaterials and metasurfaces which may lead to new generations of (flat, integrated…) optical components. Graphene and organic, perovskite and active materials will be also studied for their promising optical properties for applications in photovoltaics, non-linear optics and in the control of light emission. The PHOTONET IRN partners THU, C2N, FDU, IF, XDU, WNLO, IPCMS, MOLTECH and SITP have together highly recognized expertise in fundamental physics of condensed matter and in fabrication, modeling, and design of plasmonic nanoantenna, metamaterials and metasurfaces.